Why Custom Fitting

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There are many characteristics we know that can impact how well you swing a golf club. Weight, Length, shaft flex and head design are the basics. By filling in the answers to my fitting questionnaire I can determine how much your clubs should weigh, how long they need to be and what flex works best for you and your swing.

“Many golfers believe only good players need custom fitting. You know, Touring Pros, Club Champions, and so forth. Not true. My experience is that the worse you play, up to a point, the more you benefit. If the average results of quality fitting customers improve their handicap by 10% from custom fitting, the higher your handicap the more you can improve”.

Why do you need custom fitted golf clubs?



During the golf swing the body has to turn, and the weight has to shift, but your hands are usually the key to your swing because they hold the club. The arms swing the hands and the club and the shoulders support the load of the arms, the hands and the club. The body has to turn to support the weight shift.

With this in mind, how important do you think the weight, the length and the way the golf club balances might be? If the weight is wrong, if the length is wrong or if the balance point of the club is wrong it inhibits the body’s ability to swing the club. If the club is not adjusted for your athleticism and ability your body will be constantly out of sync and you can’t find the right rhythm and balance to perform at it’s maximum ability. Think about how you throw a ball. Compare throwing a BB to a Basketball and all the sizes of balls in between. The BB is too light and too small, the Basketball is too heavy and too big. Somewhere between the two sizes and weights is a ball you can throw best. Your golf club is the same. Finding the right weight, length and balance in your club will allow great timing and rhythm to synchronize your swing to use your natural ability to its maximum potential.

I can have you putting & chipping better, hitting more fairways and hitting more greens by fitting all of the clubs in your bag to your swing and athletic ability and showing you a few basic techniques for ball position, stance, chipping and putting. I will not only fit your golf equipment to your swing but I will also help you improve in several areas that will help you lower your scores almost immediately.

Although it is the exception, not the rule, it is not uncommon for golfers to add considerable distance to their golf shots with correctly fitted clubs. But! More importantly you will gain accuracy and consistency in every phase of your golf game.

Lowering golf scores is not about how well you hit your best shots, it is about how well you hit your worst shots. We all know where our best shots go and they are not the problem. We all know there are too few best shots in our games and too many of the worst shots.
So why don’t we analyze how bad your worst shots are and how bad is your average shots are and make them more like the best shots?

  1. If your worst tee shots are in the trees, in the water, or out of bounds and you can convert those to in the rough, or in the fairway
  2. If your worst iron shots are in the rough or in the trap or sometimes on the green and you can convert them to in the fringe, on the green, or tight to the pin, how much better would you play?
  3. If you can get your misses close enough to chip up and one putt and your good shots close enough to sink the putt, how much better would you play?
  4. If you had the right clubs in your bag to cover every distance between your longest tee shots to the shortest iron in the bag, would you play better?
  5. If you had the right clubs in your bag so you can hit every club with confidence rather than having a few you never pull out, would you play better?
  6. If your wedges were designed to hit the shots out of the lies you have on your course with confidence, and get it close enough to sink the putt, would you play better?
  7. If you were fitted for a putter that felt good, and eliminated 3 putts and you felt confident you could sink all the short ones when you got them, would you play better?
  8. If all of that sounds good, please contact me and see if we can make that happen for you.

This is what I do!