Rynardt Combrinck

C U R R I C U L U M  V I T A E

Date of Birth : 11th December 1978.

Place of Birth : Middleburg, South Africa

Marital status : Married 2007/11/17

Living Now in: Gauteng, South Africa


After a very successful career in cricket, and decided that I had other more prominent interests.
I started playing golf in October 2003, not aware to the fact that this would be the very start and the opening of the door to long drive.

I practiced at the Six Fountains Driving range, firstly not on hitting the ball long, but rather on how to perfect my game of golf. Beyers Ras, who is the Head Professional at the said driving range noticed my potential in 2005, this is when I decided to take his advice and I started competing in long drive in that very same year.

My golf handicap is currently 1.

I have hit a different number of shafts in the past years. I started off in 2005 hitting a Penley shaft in an Alpha club.

In 2006, I changed my shafts to Accuflex.  In 2007 I changed my club to SMT,still with the same Accuflex shaft, which I am still using to date.

My interests include Action Cricket, going to the gym, social activities with friends, and of course golf!

I am currently self employed in the transport industry, which allows me flex
time to train, but is increasingly difficult in busy periods, as working for ones self is very demanding, with not having anyone to relieve the work load, so I have to set aside specific time in my busy schedule to practice at the driving range and to train at the gym

Long Drive Sporting Career


I qualified for the long drive final a week before the event.

After competing, I tied in 5th place with 338metres.

As I qualified only a week before the finals, it was an extremely short season for me in 2005.

I eagerly decided that I wanted to carry on competing in such events and thus started competing again in 2006.


In 2006 I competed in a number of events through out the year.
This is the year where I hit my now still standing South African record of 435.2 meters (476 yards) in Pietermarizburg.

I approached  Ping clothing for sponsorship for my clothing, which they accepted and I am still sponsored by them to date.

Due to personal encounters, I was eliminated in the semi finals at Nu Golf Driving Range.


My average distance for the year was 365.5 meters.

My longest drive for 2007 was 428 meters, achieved at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club.

I came 3rd in the Final event at Nu Golf driving range on the 1st September 2007

I was leading the entire day, but unfortunately my driver cracked while practicing just as it was my turn to compete.

My final distance of the day was 367.8 meters, (with a ‘foreign’ driver) the winner being 384.2 meters.


Once my hopes of winning 2007 were dashed by the broken driver, I decided to change my strategy for 2008.

I have ensured that I have more than enough drivers to practice and compete with in case there is mishap as in 2007.

I also decided in 2008 to partake in each and every event, which to date I have done so.

My average distance in 2008 is 379.25 meters

I have guaranteed my place in the order of merit for 2008,
which means that I am automatically entered into the World Long Drive Finals in Mesquite, Nevada in October 2008.

Order of Merit Winner 2008 in South Africa

2008 RE/MAX WLDC National Final South Africa Champion

Qualified for 2008 ReMax World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite NV