Patriot Golf Flightscope Fitting

There are two reasons that I use the Flightscope Launch Monitor as my primary fitting, teaching and learning tool. The first is that golfers and students usually come to me for improvement in four general areas. They are distance, direction, consistency, and/or solid contact. Flightscope allows me to quantify these areas and show the golfer or student the degree of improvement that a particular change in their equipment and/or swing change caused by the change in equipment has created.

Instead of exaggerating a teaching technique to move in a different direction, Flightscope allows me to get the student right where they need to be in most cases by correcting their miss fitted equipment. This way a student can experience a permanent correction through their equipment rather than a drill or an exaggeration to change their swing through repetition only. It has been said that it takes 10,000 practice shots to alter your memory to make a major change to your golf swing. With properly fitted golf clubs most golfers make that change naturally within a few months of receiving their new clubs. As their body over time becomes deprogrammed from the misfitted clubs of the past and adjusts to the fitted clubs the swing becomes more natural and relaxed and the more natural and relaxed  the swing becomes the more consistent and easier to replicate the swing becomes.

The second reason is that VIDEO ALONE CAN BE MISLEADING. Using the impact shaft plane to determine the path used to be the industry standard. This has proven to not be the case. View the first two minutes of this video done by Jim Leitz to see this dynamic in action. ( Feel free to watch the rest of the video if you would like a more technical explanation.

Flightscope Measures The Following Variables:

I use Flightscope to create the best fitting/teaching and learning environment for my golfers and students. Golfers receive fast and accurate information on their ball flight and golf swings as we make changes to their equipment during the fitting. They actually experience the difference the changes to their equipment makes to their game as they swing the clubs during the sessions!!!

3D Doppler Golf Launch Monitor, Ball Tracking & Radar

FlightScope® introduced the World’s first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar, a state of-the-art, portable indoor-outdoor 3D ball-flight and club tracking device, with capabilities far beyond traditional launch monitor technology. Compared to launch monitor technology, FlightScope provides accurate, reliable and user-friendly results at an affordable price. FlightScope 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology is unaffected by sunlight or weather conditions like rain, fog, humidity, air pressure or temperature. FlightScope can measure any golf ball, every time without having to mark the ball with complex lines that smudge. Compared to launch monitors, FlightScope is simple and quick to set up and measures golf shots every time. FlightScope is used for golf instruction, swing analysis, club fitting and club recommendation in golf retail stores around the world. FlightScope also is used as a golf training aid and for personal practice by tour professionals and amateur golfers alike. FlightScope has integrated with complementary technologies like ball-fitting logic and club-recommendation software.

FlightScope® is an ideal tool for custom club fitting. It provides accurate ball flight and club travel information – unlike most other instruments on the market, which only offer launch data. To optimize shaft selection, the Acceleration Profile provided by FlightScope makes it easy to determine when players are fitted with the correct shaft for their specific swing and loading of the shaft during the swing. The Acceleration Profile measured by FlightScope provides an instantaneous measure of the quality of the golf shaft fit for the player being tested. Accurate club and ball speeds, shot shape, launch angles, carry distance and spin rates comprise the dataset required in order to perform a custom fitting procedure.

In addition to the clubhead speed at impact, the FlightScope system also provides the clubhead speed profile before, through, and after the strike. The FlightScope system also measures a 3D club path through the strike zone, providing the fitter with club direction in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

FlightScope offers fantastic club fitting software for instructors. It can help the new golfer to learn and memorize what works best with ball tracking and club fitting software. FlightScope allows golfers to analyze and understand the different strengths and weaknesses of clubs for various distances and angles. Custom club fitting software and analysis tools provide valuable information to improve any golfer’s game.

The integration of Swing Labs Fitting Module with FlightScope makes an ideal systemized club selection tool for the retail environment in which consistency is ensured through user-friendly procedures.